October 28, 2020


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OTHER TIMES XXXIV (geo) – Market Update

OTHER TIMES XXXIV (geo) - Market Update

Source: Robert Broncel

More than 10 years after writing my “fire letter” on the front page
Website shows the current currency system “still” in a large black hole
Disappear. At the time, the financial crisis seemed to be “the full
Belief” in the skills and knowledge of the renowned but now reviled British
economist John Maynard Keynes and his theory of the expansion of
Money supply, we now know that this was an overpriced lesson!

Nevertheless, he was also at the cradle of Bretton Woods (1944), in which the gold pairing,
central to the currency status of the dollar. This link
stability and confidence in the dollar in this new role. The
went wrong during the Vietnam War, which devoured much more capital and men
when the US was willing to admit. This left doubts about the financing of
this war, which led to France under the leadership of President Charles de Gaulle
began to offer dollars in exchange for gold. In order to avoid this “sale”,
In 1971, then-President Nixon was asked to go to war
or decouple the dollar. He chose the latter, which was
U.S. industrial defense apparatus. After all, this war should be
communism, but without a good idea of the political
Situation on this continent, as was the case again in Iraq 30 years later.
Perpetuate American domination.

Although Nixon added that the decision was a “temporary”
there has never been an American president who has reconnected with this connection. Stronger
the now unfettered US currency offered the outside chance through the free money press
“free” purchases abroad and, more importantly, a global
Network of 210(!) Military bases. The structural US trade deficit
never seemed to play a role. This made it possible for the American
dominance against which the Soviet Union ultimately fully
had to make a disempowering state. How would we have felt in a global Russian or
Encircle Chinese bases? In all likelihood, this would have led to amok!
After the implosion of the Soviet Union around 1990, President Ronald Reagan and then-President Ronald Reagan
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ‘slammed her party’ as a contribution to neoliberalism
listen. There was hardly any criticism of this. Only the European countries saw themselves
to create a single currency of its own, which
In 2001, the light looked. This need was mainly due to the situation which had already occurred in 1971.
fluctuating currencies against the dollar, but also against each other. This worked
Barriers. Remarkable, for whatever reason, a golden clutch
off-camera. In any case, that was wrong me.

The Gold “Deals”

Error II was the lack of a political union, which was
Financial/fiscal policy. The individual findings for this purpose proved to be incompatible and
the ECB, which was created from the outset for a policy that is more or less the Fed’s
has been voted on. There was no room for a gold clutch. Stronger, more or less on
The U.S. Central Banks even had to sell gold in order to
Confidence in the dollar. Why else would European banks do this?
Because there was no longer a role for gold, with liquidity gains as an advantage? So
Gold was released at the lowest prices at the turn of the century. Now
“Let’s not look back in anger,”” he said.
The transactions were carried out under the Gold Agreement of the Central Banks (CBGA)
It was also known as the Washington Agreement on Gold in 1999. This Agreement
was created under the auspices of the IMF to prevent uncoordinated gold sales
too much impact on a potentially sharp fall in prices, which in turn will have an impact on our own meat
would cut. At that time, according to the World Gold Council,
33,000 tons of gold, or about 45% of the world’s reserves. The central
Bankers agreed not to sell more than 2,000 tons in the first period
400 tons per year spread over 5 years. After that, there are three more
CBGAs with declining sales, excluding
Gold was sold. total sales of more than 3,000 tons. The
the reason that there was hardly any gold sold in CBGA4, it probably had to do with the
Chinese procurement (of which).

The gold standard was never found under the U.S. National Banking System (1863-1914).
with gold as redeemability for obvious disadvantages as “the household booklet”
keep it in order. In addition, a central bank was not
Purchasing power.

The consequences

Otherwise, after the separation in 1971, when inflation continued to rise until
had risen by more than 15% in 1979 and could only be achieved with even higher interest rates
Steamed. A deep recession was then the result that continued well into the mid-1980s.
had been initiated after the interest rate slump, indeed to this day!

However, a gold clutch was not in sight after it had long since been found that
“Benefits” was provided by the unbound reserve currency. There was therefore no central bank that
to a new link. Criticism from Europe and Japan (both
The Second World War, liberated from the dictatorship by the United States, remained against the
of the communist Soviet Union. This “shield offer” remained even after the decline in
military threat from later Russia, which led to a reduced enthusiasm for
Financial arrangements that were made in NATO at the time. This has been discussed
Practically quiet and Trump was just right in that regard!

As the US emerges from a hopelessly weakened monetary but still extremely strong
the question of whether
Europe should not prepare for a new direction. Another question is whether a
Gold-linked euro would not significantly change ongoing negotiations in Brussels
knowing that Italy has a reserve of more than 2,400 tonnes
Germany has the largest gold holdings. In any case, Europe would be able to:
Gold-linked currency could provide a clear lesson from the past
have pulled! With bruised buttocks, Madame Lagarde seems to
no more holes to see!

Note: The Chinese figure should not be considered serious at all, as it
only for “the stage”. An average annual production of around 400 tonnes
since the mid-1990s, the actual reserve should be at least between 20,000 and 25,000 tonnes.
Are. Although never officially approved, there is undoubtedly a not inconsiderable proportion of the
this tonnage probably won in Tibet. Gold is undoubtedly the driving force
1951. This annexation is also suitable for
the robbery of the Goldstock at the time of the Japanese occupation. Japan is silent
on this subject as an Asian tomb, as well as on the actual gold reserve, which
10 times higher than the 765 tonnes indicated. Gold – the most coveted
Articles on this continent – remains the biggest secret!
At the same time, this continent seems much better suited to the forthcoming
“Pieces” as we do with our paper pensions and the “wonderful” social safety net,
no more than a few pitiful shamelessness against the impending loss of purchasing power.

The key question

We do not know for sure. where the first cracks open open
Act. Is this from the business world, where profitability continues as a “virus”
are they going to keep falling with bankruptcy as the last piece? Is this the case with the banks that
more and more provisions are being made as more and more unpaid debts
are not shown to be annoying?

Or is a central bank “so sporty” to admit that a longer kick is the can
Street remains as pointless as an extreme and too costly exercise? This will be allowed immediately
to initiate the final fall of the system, but which central bank intends to do so
have his conscience – crucial question to which the answer remains guilty?!

Centrale Bank Consulting

In any case, both Asia and Europe seem best prepared for a reset. What
Europe is the main central banker, open to
with statements such as:
“Gold is the cornerstone of an international monetary system,” jens
Weidmann, President of the German Central Bank
“Gold is the ultimate ‘value constant’,” French bank president’s statement says
“Gold is an excellent hedge against the failure of the monetary system”,
the Italian Bank President
“Gold always retains its value (purchasing power, RB) according to the website of the
Dutch Central Bank.
This means in so many words that gold remains superior and
“Fiat” paper with the indication to hold gold. One could say that
acknowledges that the paper system has not only failed, but
a roadmap for a new monetary system in which one or other of the
away anchored on gold. This was also suggested in the 1970s.
Finally, the statement by the President of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) – the largest
World Gold Exchange – reported by Reuters on April 20: “The global influence
the United States will decline, while the status of the European Union and China in
global affairs!”