October 30, 2020


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Optimism in the workplace stands out due to …

Optimism in the workplace stands out due to ...

Optimism in the workplace offers more perspective and opportunity.

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Felix Kalkman

Despite the dozen of negative reports about the post-Coronavirus business community, most people seem to have courage. In addition, optimists remain optimistic about their work and their future prospects after the crisis. However, the Tempo team warns that optimism is under pressure. One in five says the pandemic is weighing.

No less than 80.3 percent have the desire and the motivation to fly at work. 18.7 percent say they feel less about it. 67 percent of employees therefore describe themselves as optimists.

That optimism is under pressure, however, as 1 in 5 says it has declined since the corona crisis. This is associated with a quarter of employees who feel less energetic at work and a fifth who experience less job security. A third of employees have less confidence in the future and more than half have less confidence in the economy. However, research clearly shows that the optimists are better equipped to deal with the effects of corona in the workplace. Optimistic employees say much more often than their pessimistic colleagues that their job satisfaction, the work atmosphere, team spirit and work-life balance have improved since the lockdown.

“In this context, optimism clearly offers more prospects and possibilities than pessimism. It is therefore important that employees and employers focus on optimism by strengthening bonds between colleagues and investing in the work atmosphere. Because the social aspect of work is what the employees missed the most during the lockdown, ”says Eddy Annys, Managing Director at Tempo-Team.

Occupational psychologist Sara De Gieter (VUB) is not in the least surprised that optimists do better here. “People who have a positive outlook on life see things differently. You see the positive things more quickly, even in a crisis situation. Pessimists only see the downsides. “Can we learn to be optimists? “You are by nature an optimist or not. You can practice and exercise this a little, for example, each day writing down what you liked about the work day and ending with a positive feeling. “