October 20, 2020


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Online clothing and footwear sales are a quarter to a third lower NOW

Online clothing and footwear sales are a quarter to a third lower NOW

In the second quarter of this year, consumers spent much less online on clothing and shoes. Clothing sales were almost a third lower, while shoes spent more than a quarter less. This emerges from figures released on Tuesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Statistics from Statistics Netherlands had previously shown that clothing and footwear sales in the physical stores also declined significantly in April, May and June. While other sectors benefited from it.

While total online retail sales were up almost 6 percent in the second quarter, that of purely internet sellers such as mail order companies and web shops rose by 45 percent. “Online sales of stores that have a side job over the Internet grew 68 percent,” says Statistics Netherlands.

The food sector achieved 7.5 percent more sales. “The biggest increase since the beginning of the measurement.” The Dutch statistics attribute this increase to measures related to the corona pandemic. “Forced domestic consumption due to the closure of the store also contributed to supermarket sales in the second quarter being 7.9 percent higher than a year earlier.” Specialty stores generated 4.7 percent more sales online.

As with the physical stores, online retailers of home improvement, electronics, leisure, furniture, and other household items also reported higher sales.