August 4, 2021


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Ombudsman: Well insured, but money worries | What you say

Because they want to arrange their funeral properly, the couple have taken out funeral insurance. This money is set by the insurance company and can only be used for their funeral. According to the SVB, in order to receive the payment, you must deposit the amount of this funeral insurance into a blocked bank account. Otherwise it will count towards her assets and Carla is not entitled to any additional benefit.

Carla consults with the SVB. She would very much like to keep her funeral insurance. That should be possible, right? But unfortunately. She reluctantly puts the amount of the funeral insurance on a blocked bank account. Fortunately, she is now receiving her services. She urgently needs it to make ends meet.

Due to her poor performance, Carla applies for a waiver of local taxes. The request is denied. The money from the funeral insurance, which is now in the blocked bank account, will be offset against your assets. Carla explains the situation to the SVB, but that doesn’t change anything.

Carla calls the National Ombudsman. She feels that she has been treated unfairly. She had to deposit the money from the funeral insurance from the SVB into a blocked bank account. And now she is not getting a waiver of local taxes because she has saved too much. Can the ombudsman help her? Employee Onno contacts the SVB. It quickly becomes clear that the funeral insurance is not taken into account at all in the wealth test for the additional benefit. Something went wrong here!

Fortunately, the SVB has found a good solution. You are paying the local tax expense Carla incurred because she was wrongly denied a waiver. Carla is advised to put her money back into funeral insurance. If the bank imposes a fine for this, the SVB pays it.

As a national ombudsman, I know that policy implementation is a human business. Mistakes can be made. But of course it always has to be solved. In this case, the SVB offered a personal solution. We are happy that we could help Carla. Hopefully she and her husband can enjoy many years to come without worrying about money!

* fictitious name

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