October 22, 2020


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Ombudsman: think ahead and avoid despair What you say

Ombudsman: think ahead and avoid despair What you say

As the couple live in Belgium, they receive a letter from their health insurance company every few years. Like all people who live abroad but are self-employed in the Netherlands.

In the letter to Elly, the insurer writes that she has to apply for an investigation at the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). This is required by law. In this way, she can prove that she is entitled to Dutch health insurance.

Elly sends copies of invoices, proof of investments and copies of the VAT return to the SVB. With this she can prove that she lives in Belgium but still works in the drugstores in the Netherlands.

This time it will take a long time for the SVB to carefully examine all of Elly’s evidence and find out which country she works in. In fact, it’s taking too long. As a result, the insurer announces that Elly is no longer entitled to her health insurance and that it will expire.

That is not the intention. Elly no longer dares to work in the drugstore. Here she comes into contact with many people. Imagine she is infected with the corona virus and ends up in the hospital. The cost of hospitalization without health insurance would be enormous. In addition to personal suffering, it would also mean financial drama.

Jan is also concerned about the situation and is calling the National Ombudsman for his wife. Nancy employee immediately contacts the SVB to find out what is wrong. It appears that Elly’s application was on hold due to a misunderstanding with the health insurer and Elly.

The SVB recognizes the seriousness of the situation and is doing everything to process Elly’s application urgently. The health insurance company receives the green light and Elly’s policy is restored. Fortunately, your potential healthcare costs will be covered again. Elly can work in a good mood again and help her customers in one of the most important areas.

Things regularly go wrong between citizens and the government, as we see with the National Ombudsman. And it often turns out that a solution is easy to find. If an implementing agency thinks carefully, it will certainly prevent a citizen from becoming desperate. As the SVB shows with Elly and Jan.

* Fictional name