October 26, 2020


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Ombudsman: Taking an exam without an assistance dog What you say

Ombudsman: Taking an exam without an assistance dog What you say

Due to an unpleasant situation in the past, the PTSD service dog now accompanies Micky * Shaya everywhere. Usually this is not a problem. Shaya and her mother are therefore surprised that the CBR says Mickey is not allowed to take the regular exam. Shaya’s mother doesn’t give up and calls the CBR.

The CBR employee explains that these are the rules. She doesn’t say why Mickey can’t come with me. Shaya can take an individual exam on a different date. Then Mickey can just come along. Shaya has to pay an additional 50 euros, which she can claim back later. Shaya’s mother disagrees. The CBR shouldn’t refuse an assistance dog, she says.

The CBR offers Shaya the opportunity to take an individual exam, but has not yet given the exact date. The mother is afraid that her daughter will have to wait a long time. That gives Shaya extra nerve.


A neighbor points out the number of the National Ombudsman. Shaya’s mother calls us. Employee Ernst hears their story. He contacts our contact person at the CBR. He asks if the CBR can better explain to Shaya’s mother why the service dog is not allowed to go to a regular test. He also asks her to better explain why Shaya has to pay an extra 50 euros which she can later claim back. The CBR contacted Shaya and her mother again. They reiterate that in a regular test there may be candidates who are afraid of dogs. Shaya will be offered an individual exam on the same day and location as originally planned. The CBR changed the rules after the situation with Shaya.

New rules

According to the new rules, no additional payment has to be made in these cases. As a citizen, you have the right to delete information from the government. It is important that the government explain why it is making a particular decision. In this case it didn’t work out well.

We are happy that the CBR dealt with this correctly. We wish Shaya the best of luck in obtaining her driver’s license!

* Fake names