October 30, 2020


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Ombudsman: Paying out is human work | What you say

Ombudsman: Paying out is human work | What you say

He writes a letter to the tax office asking whether his payment arrangements can be changed. The tax office rejects his application because Joost did not provide enough information. Joost doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong. He sends two more letters with explanations and questions. Unfortunately, his request is rejected again.

A few weeks later, Joost is happy to be back at work. He is doing everything he can to pay off his debts. Because he earns less in his new job, he asks the tax office to change the payment system again. Because of all his personal circumstances, he reacts too late to the last rejection.

His application is again rejected. Joost must now even pay all of his debts within 10 days, otherwise further measures will be taken. Joost not only sent his last objection too late, but also hinted that he would repay other creditors. These are reasons for the IRS to reject his request. The tax office declares that a tax liability has legal priority. But Joost wanted to show that he is serious about paying off all his debts?

Joost is at the end. He goes further and further into the financial and emotional problems. It’s like his letters being answered by a computer. There is no understanding of his situation and he gets the same reaction every time. Joost calls the National Ombudsman and asks us for help. He himself immediately makes a proposal for a viable payment system. When Korrie receives all the documents from Joost, she immediately reaches for the phone and asks the tax office if a solution is possible. Korrie explains that Joost is in a difficult situation, but wants to pay off very much. She asks the tax office to call Joost to discuss the matter together, a personal consultation is really necessary.

A few weeks later korrie receives a nice thank you card from Joost. The IRS called him, and together they agreed on an individual payment agreement. Joost is satisfied with the arrangement. I think he will soon be able to pay off everything! We are glad that we were able to help Joost. Personal contact with the government is always preferable in these situations. As Ombudsman, we will continue to insist on this.

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