October 31, 2020


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Ombudsman: No House, No Money What You Say

Ombudsman: No House, No Money What You Say

Then she receives an annoying message from the bailiff. He confiscates their wages but does not take into account the non-adherent rate: the portion of their wages that may not be confiscated. To change this, Samantha needs to provide her address. But that is not possible because she cannot register with the municipality at the address of this holiday park. She tries to get out with the bailiff, but it doesn’t go smoothly. He is difficult to reach and when she answers, he is very close.

In the meantime, Samantha has to leave the park because she can no longer pay because of her wages. There it is: no house and no money. But with a bailiff behind him. She is disturbed and contacts the National Ombudsman.

Employee Evalien takes action. She calls the bailiff and explains that he made a mistake with the seizure-free foot. Samantha is entitled to this: even if she is not registered with the municipality, Samantha can prove that she is permanently in the Netherlands. After all, she has a job here. In this case, the bailiff must take into account the non-liability tariff.

Employee Evalien asks the bailiff if he wants to apply the non-seizure rate retrospectively and return the excess money as soon as possible. The bailiff reluctantly agrees. And then it goes on: within 48 hours the bailiff has arranged everything and the money is in Samantha’s account. What a relief! Samantha is very happy that Evalien helped her so well, without her she would have got into even more trouble.

Samantha is much better now. She has financial space again and now lives with her sister. Your biggest worries are finally over.

We believe that bailiffs should do their job diligently and adhere to the no-seizure rate. People who are permanently resident in the Netherlands are entitled to this non-liability tariff. Even if they are homeless, they live in different places or in one place where you cannot register. We are committed to this with the National Ombudsman.

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