November 24, 2020


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Ombudsman: Looking For A Solution What You Say

Ombudsman: Looking For A Solution What You Say

Unfortunately, they cannot mean anything to Marcel. The hunters have to adhere to the regulations of the hunting license and they do. As long as they meet the conditions, it is not possible to ban hunting. A big downer for Marcel.

A buddy at the Veterans Drop-In Center instructs Marcel to contact the Veterans Ombudsman. He meets our colleague Yvonne. She contacts the various hunting organizations in the region. Not just the community and the police, but also the forestry department, the local wildlife management unit and the Royal Hunters Association. You all understand Marcel’s situation. They all also think that “something” should be done for Marcel. However, there is no easy solution.

For example, several groups of hunters appear to be active in the area around Marcel’s house. Some hunt to control an excess of certain animal species. Good agreements can be made with them. From now on they will notify Marcel when they go hunting. In addition, a group of hunters protects a farmer’s fields. They don’t always seem to obey the rules and hunt, even when the fields are empty. They are always different hunters, so they are not always aware of Marcel’s situation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely ban hunting in the vicinity of Marcel’s house. However, it was possible to impress the various authorities involved with the severity of the memories that fooling around and shooting evokes in veteran Marcel. Memories that seriously turn his life upside down and make the road to recovery even more difficult. Agreements have now been made and Marcel will definitely be informed when the hunt will start again. In this way we were able to contribute to a solution for a veteran who could no longer feel safe in his own home.

* fictitious name

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