October 23, 2020


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Ombudsman: Debt After Missing Tax Payments What you say

Ombudsman: Debt After Missing Tax Payments What you say

Johan calls the tax authorities several times. They regularly give him a payment schedule so he can pay part of the income tax. That doesn’t always go well either. Johan has a large family that he has to look after and that is not overloaded.

Things really go wrong when Johan retires. His income drops sharply. He therefore calls on the tax authorities to waive the income tax still to be paid. However, the service does not. They explain to Johan why: As an independent entrepreneur, he knew that he had to pay taxes on his own income. But he didn’t put any money aside for that. That should have been.

Johan does not agree and calls us. Employee Sander examines the situation thoroughly. There are many rules that will determine whether or not someone will get remission. The tax and customs administration must adhere to it. The service has already signed many payment agreements with Johan. In doing so, they took into account what he was able to pay out based on his income and expenses. It was also given room to set aside money for future tax assessments. But Johan has not always kept the agreements made and his income tax liability is increasing. In this case, we do not consider it inappropriate for the tax authorities to refuse Johan the remission.

Government agencies like the tax and customs administration have to stick to the rules. When we handle complaints, we check that government agencies are properly applying the rules. In Johan’s case, that’s what happened. We will tell Johan this, but also tell him what he can do to improve his situation. And what rules does the government have to comply with? For example, we draw his attention to the non-liability rate that the tax authorities must take into account when Johan has to repay his debts to them. This is the money that at least someone should live on. He can also get help from his community with problematic debts. We sincerely hope that Johan can take control of his finances so quickly. Also to reduce the stress that debt usually brings with it.

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