December 3, 2020


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Ombudsman: A driver’s license at the right time What you say

Ombudsman: A driver's license at the right time What you say

Then at the end of 2018 Adam received a letter from the Central Bureau for Driving Licenses (CBR): He had to renew his driver’s license. And because he is over 75 years old, he must also send a health certificate. Adam doesn’t feel that old at all. But that’s part of it. He fills out the declaration and sends it to the CBR. Punctually before his license expires in six months.

Two months later, Adam receives another letter. His health declaration was not approved. And that’s why he should have his eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. Fortunately, he is satisfied with Adam’s eyes and writes this on the report. Adam also has to fill out two questionnaires. He sends this to the CBR with the ophthalmologist’s approved report. Two months before his license expires, that should be fine, right?

After a visit to his wife in America, Adam returns home hoping for a job with the CBR. Time is running out now. But unfortunately no news. He calls the CBR to find out how it’s going. Won’t it happen that his driver’s license will expire? Every time he calls, he gets no contact. So Adam visits the office of the National Ombudsman **. Maybe they can help him there.

Amine welcomes Adam and listens to his story. His driver’s license expires in a week, so Amine wants to act quickly. Fortunately, he has good contact with the CBR. Amine explains the situation and asks the employee if she can answer within 48 hours. And that’s what happens: the CBR evaluates Adam’s forms and decides he’s ready to drive. His driver’s license is being renewed! It was on time, but luckily Adam can now take to the streets with peace of mind.

The National Ombudsman believes that government authorities should be accessible and not wait too long to respond to questions or complaints. If that doesn’t go well, we will hold authority accountable. So that people like Adam don’t get into unnecessary trouble.

* Fictional name

** This was before the corona crisis.

Goes wrong between you and him too CBR. Or are you unable to reach an agreement with another government agency? Then call the free one National Ombudsman 0800 – 33 55 555.