November 29, 2020


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OM wants jail and TBS for a man who threatened the princess

OM wants jail and TBS for a man who threatened the princess

Photo: ANP

A 32-year-old man from Zwolle was ordered to 10 months in prison and TBS with compulsory nursing for threatening Princess Amalia. He approached her on Instagram and threatened to visit her on King’s Day.

Wouter G. would address the princess personally on King’s Day, he wrote to her in January. “Yes girls, there is no way around it,” he wrote, among other things. He described sexual acts he would do to her and suggested saving up for a gun. He also wanted to visit her in her school. A friend of the princess was threatened with death via Instagram. According to G., he left diary entries of himself on the Instagram account. It was for fun, he said. He reported to the police that he had sent sick messages. “After a few beers, I decided to scare them a little,” he said earlier.

Relatives of his are afraid that G. will do something to someone. The public prosecutor’s office is also afraid. Among other things, he tried to get a stage performance in the school of the princess. “Are you trying to get closer to Amalia?” asked the judge. G. denied.

His texts, addressed to the princess and an underage friend, have “sinister, violent, sexual and terrible connotations,” said the officer. The suspect has been forcibly taken in several times. Suffering from schizophrenia, the Pieter Baan Center closed. He continues to avoid treatment, which is why mandatory hospital care is required.

G. also tried to visit her in 2017 in Wassenaar, where she was living at the time. The suspect sat in the room against his will. Nobody has to fear repetitions “because I no longer go hunting women,” he said. According to his lawyer, Joni Eliya, it has not been proven that the princess actually read the news.

The court in Zwolle will decide on November 3rd.