October 31, 2020


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“Notorious mob boss swallows a piece of finger” “| Abroad

"Notorious mob boss swallows a piece of finger" "| Abroad

The 60-year-old Giuseppe Fanara, who is classified as very dangerous, has been grumbling in the isolation ward of the Rebibbia prison in Rome for nine years. Fanara was sentenced to life in prison.

According to the judge, he played an important role in a Cosa Nostra clan responsible for eleven murders. During a check in his cell, Fanara grabbed a prison guard by the neck, pulled him to the floor, and bit off a piece of his finger. Then the piece of human flesh was lost. Therefore, the prison guard suspects that Fanara swallowed the finger piece.

Seven guards came to the rescue of their colleague, possibly adding to Fanara’s anger. He waved a broomstick and shouted that he would cut their throats like pigs. It took two hours for the group of guards to bring the mafia boss under control. Fanara was taken to a maximum security prison in Sassari (Sardinia) after the serious incident.