November 1, 2020


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Note: Millions more to fight drug crime

Note: Millions more to fight drug crime

Photo: ANP

The fight against drug-related crime in the Netherlands requires a different approach. In order to curb the outstanding role of the Netherlands in the pharmaceutical industry, an additional structural 400 million euros per year will be required over the next ten years. This is what Peter Noordanus, chairman of the Strategic Council on Undermining, writes in a “pact for the rule of law”, an advice to the government.

“The Netherlands has become a global drug center in recent years and the ‘pact’ aims to reduce its size significantly through a long-term shared approach,” says Noordanus.

The SBO is an advisory committee in which the public prosecutor, the national police, the tax and customs administration, various ministries and urban networks such as the Dutch municipalities (VNG) and the G40 work together. According to the Council, the criminal justice chain needs to be strengthened. There is a need to invest in investigation, enforcement and more money to the prosecutor and the courts.

A strengthening of the local, regional and national approach is also necessary, since, according to the Committee, drug crime is locally rooted and operates nationally and internationally. In addition, much more time, attention, and money is needed in prevention to protect vulnerable people from the pull of the criminal drug industry. The SOO also states that drug use should be discouraged and campaigns against tobacco and alcohol use should be carried out.

According to Noordanus, the Netherlands is an interesting country for foreign criminals. “Why do you think drug pills intended for the Australian market are made here and not there? Because here you only get a minimal penalty if you get caught. And not there. So increase this penalty. “