August 4, 2021


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Norwegian Air is firing people again: Soon 600 of the 10,000 men will be left NOW

Norwegian Air is laying off the majority of its employees. A total of 2,200 people work for the airline and 1,600 of them are laid off. This brings the number of employees to a fraction of the ten thousand who worked there before the pandemic.

On Monday it appeared that the Norwegian government was not going to provide financial support to the airline. “It is difficult news,” said the Norwegian industry minister at a press conference. “But we are responsible for the responsible spending of public funds.”

The lack of support means Norwegian Air will have to “fight for lives” this winter, the company said at a press conference. Of the 21 aircraft the company has deployed in recent months, 15 remain on the ground for the time being. The remaining six are used for domestic flights. The company has a total of 140 aircraft.

The company is now looking for money in other ways, such as selling planes.