October 22, 2020


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Nibud: Student debt should weigh less heavily on maximum mortgage | Right away

Nibud: Student debt should weigh less heavily on maximum mortgage | Right away

A student debt should be less heavy on your maximum mortgage. This is what Nibud recommends in a report submitted by the Minister of the Interior to the House of Representatives.

Mortgage lenders jointly determined six years ago how much student debt should be taken into account when applying for a mortgage, but that factor hasn’t changed in years. The Nibud advises the minister to do so now, also because interest rates have fallen sharply in recent years. According to DUO, student debt is relatively heavy on the mortgage due to these low interest rates.

The institute therefore advises that from now on, every year, a recalculation of how much student debt should be on the mortgage should be. On the basis of the advice, people could borrow thousands of euros more for a house than in the current situation.

As an example, Nibud mentions an ex-student with a student debt of 10,000 euros. With the current interest rates, these 3,000 euros could get more mortgage than they do now.

Although it is common for people to hide their student debt when they apply for a mortgage, Nibud still does not believe that a student debt should be registered with the BKR. According to the institute, the debts are registered with DUO and mortgage lenders can request this data in cooperation with the ex-student.

Nibud is closely involved in the calculation of mortgage standards and does so on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior. For example, the institution determines the maximum amount of income to be used for the mortgage, and mortgage lenders are required to comply.