October 31, 2020


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New York City Council: Hydroxychloroquine Saved My Life | Abroad

New York City Council: Hydroxychloroquine Saved My Life | Abroad

Vallone took the medicine along with an antibiotic, a method sworn in by several doctors around the world, including the American doctor Vladimir Zelenko and the French Didier Raoult. Yet the antimalarial drug has fallen out of favor. This mainly happened after a major publication in The Lancet which was later found to be fraudulent and withdrawn.

The drug came under political charges after President Donald Trump spoke about how it worked – and even started taking it preventively. Vallone is a democrat. He doesn’t seem to have any political interest. “I couldn’t breathe. Was very weak. I couldn’t get up. My doctor prescribed it, the pharmacy had it. I took it and within two or three days I was able to breathe normally, “Vallone told the New York Post. “A week later I was back on my feet.”


Although Vallone had previously announced his illness, he spoke in a statement about “mild symptoms” at the time. That was a lie. Vallone already had lung disease, was in serious condition, and had poor prospects. His loved ones were “panicking” because Vallone didn’t seem to have any natural defenses, “so we had to have something to keep me alive”. “And hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective.”

Vallone’s brother also changed his mind about the drug. He shared a New York University study on Facebook which found that HCQ, zinc, and an antibiotic reduced mortality by 44%. “I think all the doctors who prescribe it are right. This drug is already on the market and the patent has expired. So it’s cheap and not a new drug. So big money doesn’t want this drug to be used, ”wrote Peter Vallone, now a judge in Queens, on Facebook. “Saved my life,” replied Brother Paul.

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The science of hydroxychloroquine is ambiguous. Several studies, including the Oxford University recovery study, have shown that HCQ does not help. Other scientists report good results. The Democrat Vallone is happy that the then Republican President Trump pushed for the drug. At that moment there was only fear and panic. He offered hope with a cure when nothing else was available. In terms of my lung disease, it actually saved my life. My family is grateful. “