October 22, 2020


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New VNO-NCW boss: ‘Bartender must be able to become a plumber after his dismissal’ | NOW

New VNO-NCW boss: 'Bartender must be able to become a plumber after his dismissal' | NOW

It must be easier for laid-off employees to quickly acquire further training in order to find a job in another area. The future chairman of the employers’ association VNO-NCW Ingrid Thijssen will be on Saturday in the DISPLAY. Thijssen will succeed the current chairman Hans de Boer on Tuesday.

The future president sees an important role for retraining in the impending economic crisis, in order to prevent a large part of the population from becoming unemployed for long periods of time. Unemployment is already slowly rising, but the big blows are not expected to fall until later in the year and possibly early next year. Thijssen calls the corona crisis the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.

“The tradition now is that we say goodbye to people first. They end up unemployed and the benefits get them a new job. While it would be much better to let the bartender, who is now being laid off, become a heating installer immediately. ” said Thijssen to the newspaper.

Employers have an important role to play in making this change happen. According to Thijssen, they should be less concerned with diplomas than with talent. “Companies have to be ready to hire and train someone,” said Thijssen, who was voted best woman of the year in 2016.