December 4, 2020


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MP Dijkstra: Lelystad airport remains necessary

MP Dijkstra: Lelystad airport remains necessary

Luchtvaartnieuws Magazine conducted an extensive interview with Dijkstra about his party’s vision of the travel and aviation industry. In addition to Lelystad Airport, topics such as support for KLM, flight tax, air freight, the rejection of a complete travel ban and the damage to industry as a result of the corona pandemic will be discussed. Aviation News Magazine has been out since Saturday, November 14th for sale.

Dijkstra: “The recovery at Schiphol will take about three years and Lelystad will remain necessary. We hope to complete the administrative process this year so that it can open next November. At first it won’t fly much.” because there is less enthusiasm, but once it is open the parties can decide for themselves whether to fly away. It was not for nothing that investments were made in the company. “

It is finished
As of 2008 – four lockers in a row from beam end IV – it says: Lelystad Airport is of strategic importance. “It’s ready, only the coffee machine has to be switched on. If Corendon, Transavia or another airline wants to fly from Lelystad, it should be possible. Transavia slots in Schiphol can then be transferred to KLM. The enthusiasm of the travelers is certain : Flying from According to the driver, a small airport only offers advantages. “

“If everyone respects the agreements we have made with one another, nothing stands in the way of opening up. Some benefit or don’t want to slow down the process. I don’t think the lobby would be strong against Lelystad Airport. There are some opposition parties that definitely don’t want the airport. There are also objections from the coalition, but we simply made this agreement in the coalition agreement. Media resistance is fueled by channels like Twitter. On it are anonymous people who keep raging. When you start counting, there are 100 to 150 of these accounts at most, some people manage ten of them. That doesn’t make a big impression on me. “

Read the interview with Remco Dijkstra in the November issue of Luchtvaartnieuws Magazine. Order one loose copy or take an attractive one subscription.