December 4, 2020


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Mother (84) and son (60) sit dead on the couch abroad for weeks

Mother (84) and son (60) sit dead on the couch abroad for weeks

Their bodies were already in a state of decomposition. Construction workers who had started renovating the residential complex called several times in January. However, no one answered. Only when a janitor informed a locksmith that the two had been found. The BBC reports.


The bodies were found in January, but authorities have only now completed the investigation. The older woman died of hypothermia, according to the investigation. The cause of her son’s death could not be determined. Investigators examined various scenarios, but no evidence of an intruder or the use of force was found.

The two sat barely dressed on the sofa. There was hardly any furniture in the apartment. There was no heating and the electricity was turned off.

In addition, the visually impaired son had converted around 1,100 euros in his pocket. A newspaper dated December 2, 2019 was found in the house’s trash can. However, the exact date of death of the family members could not be determined. It is also no longer possible to find out whether they died at the same time or one after the other, said a forensic doctor in court.