December 4, 2020


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Mortality did not increase further last week but it remains high

Mortality did not increase further last week but it remains high

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More people died last week than usual, but the number is not increasing. 3,630 people died roughly the previous week when 3,644 people died. Mortality at week 45 (Nov. 2-8) is 700 higher than expected for that period, reports the CBS based on preliminary weekly mortality numbers.

Mortality in nursing homes is also not rising and is even falling slightly. Compared to a week earlier, more than 1,400 people who were cared for under the Long-Term Care Act, such as residents of nursing homes, died. That’s 100 less than the week before.

At week 45, compared to a week earlier, male mortality continued to rise and more men than women died, although there are more older women than men. According to the statistics office, this also happened during the first wave of the corona epidemic. The excess mortality rate for men was 38 percent and for women 29 percent.

No more elderly people died in the past week than a week earlier. Mortality at week 45 was estimated at 2,050 people aged 80 and over. 1,150 people between the ages of 65 and 80 also died.

Since week 39 (September 21), weekly mortality has been higher than expected, according to Statistics Netherlands. Approximately 10,000 people died during the first wave of the corona epidemic, for whom Covid-19 was the established or suspected cause of death.

Prior to week 45, the GGDs reported 358 patients who had died from Covid-19 to the RIVM. A week earlier it was 409. According to Statistics Netherlands, the real number of deaths is likely higher as not all people with Covid-19 may be tested and there is no obligation to report deaths due to the disease.

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