October 30, 2020


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More than 70 percent fewer foreign tourists in the Netherlands

More than 70 percent fewer foreign tourists in the Netherlands

Photo: ANP

The tourism sector in the Netherlands was hit hard in 2020. The number of international tourists this year is expected to decrease by 70 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, a third fewer Dutch people go on holiday in their own country. The Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Congresses (NBTC) will announce the annual figures on Monday during the third National Tourism Summit.

It is likely that only around 7 million foreign tourists will come to the Netherlands this year. “These numbers are at the level of the 1990s and will remain so for the time being. We don’t expect any recovery until 2024, ”says Jos Vranken, NBTC General Manager.

The number of vacation plans by foreign and domestic visitors will continue to decline for the remainder of the year. 12 percent fewer Dutch and 7 percent fewer Belgians have vacation plans in the last few months of 2020. These are the conclusions of the NBTC and Royal Schiphol Group’s Holiday Monitor after their fourth measurement. The Holiday Monitor measures the influence of the corona crisis on the travel behavior of visitors.

Vranken notices that a quarter of people with vacation plans have not yet booked their vacation. “Of this 25 percent, less than half are exploring vacations, the other half not yet. The question is, will these people still be on vacation this year, given the rising number of infections and changing moods. “

Due to the major events planned for 2020 such as the Grand Prix, the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Football Championship, it was precisely to be expected that the Netherlands would receive a record number of international visitors this year, namely almost 22 million. That would have been a growth of 7 percent.

Vranken expects people to remain very cautious and cautious in their travel behavior over the next year. “We find that most people want to book vacations with flexible cancellation options. This has a huge impact on tourism entrepreneurs. The importance of support measures and targeted investments for the sustainable recovery of the tourism sector is therefore great. “