October 29, 2020


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More than 20,000 companies reapply for aid | Financial

More than 20,000 companies reapply for aid | Financial

Meanwhile, 6661 employers have already transferred €485 million under the second Temporary Emergency Relief Assistance (NOW) measure, the UWV reports. Together they employ almost 400,000 people.


The scheme is designed to preserve as many jobs as possible, while companies will lose revenue over time as a result of the coronary crisis.

Employers who have at least 20% less turnover over a four-month period can receive a labour cost allowance for the months of June to September. Of course, the condition is that employees are paid as usual.


This allowance is not more than 90% for a loss of sales of 100% and proportionally less for a lower loss of sales. In the first instance, UWV pays an advance of 80% of the allowance. The advance is paid in two instalments.

The UWV also reports that the payment process is proceeding smoothly. THE NOW 2.0 can be requested until 31 August.