October 26, 2020


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More and more GGDs are demanding to carry out source and contact research themselves

More and more GGDs are demanding to carry out source and contact research themselves

Photo: ANP

The professional organization for nurses and nurses Kup’91 is considering legal action after the RIVM recognized that scarcity also played a role in the guideline for wearing mouth masks in elderly care. The union is “shocked” by the news from Nieuwsuur and urgently wants a consultation with the responsible ministers Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) and Tamara van Ark (Medical Care).

“That is unimaginable,” said Stella Salden, chairwoman of the Kup’91. “The health of nurses and carers is at risk. You are unnecessarily exposed to the risk of getting sick yourself or of infecting patients. Not having enough face masks has created a lot of emotional and psychological pressure. It’s a shame that this professional group is treated like that. You’re right to be angry at this news, ”said Salden.

The professional organization says that from the start it was determined to the Minister of Health and the regulatory agency that this measure was incorrect. “It has been asked all the time whether this is due to scarcity, but it has been pointed out all the times that it is not.”

Kup’91 believes the government should now do everything in its power to restore confidence. Balances: “How else should health professionals take the guidelines seriously? It is also no longer possible to explain that different guidelines still apply to health professionals than to the rest of the Dutch population. We wonder how the government, which is ultimately responsible, will restore that confidence and show that the safety of our health professionals is a top priority. The foundation has to come up to find out how this could have happened. “