October 23, 2020


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Mobile air conditioners, the suckers list and happy with grace | Financially

Mobile air conditioners, the suckers list and happy with grace | Financially

The judgment of the experts was disappointing: it’s a pretty pointless device. The article was the best reading of the past week.

It was also a shock from the AFM’s “idiot list”: What is it and will I be there? Because smart people are also on these lists of criminals, the agency warns.

Interest-only mortgages have made a comeback thanks to lower interest rates. Because experts say the type of mortgage isn’t that bad at all.

We are also concerned about the travel industry. The news that Transavia’s announcement that it would sell its own package tours as “Transavia Holidays” generated angry reactions.

The corona crisis is also gripping us, of course. It is therefore important news that the Leiden-based company Pharming is taking good steps towards a drug.

There is great dismay in the House of Commons at health care salaries. But what does a hospital nurse actually earn? And other care professions?

Facebook also took a striking step. After the company refused to make any statements about what people post on social media for a long time, it now bans racist cartoons, including our Zwarte Piet, in which Americans see “blackface”.

A warning to anyone who believes that an offer for a house has no consequences: A man lost 80,000 euros when he wanted to buy an eight-ton house, did not receive the financing, but could not justify it properly.

Then bad economic news. The Dutch economy is shrinking faster than ever and we are officially in recession.

Blue flying family leaving thousands of KLMs. It hurts a lot. The stories of three of them have been read well.