December 1, 2020


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Minister Slob: dispute between kup and Vooravond “not a beautiful figure”

Minister Slob: dispute between kup and Vooravond "not a beautiful figure"

Photo: ANP

The fact that a public broadcaster’s presenter and editor-in-chief argue via social media and the press against journalists who are not on a talk show is “not a nice figure,” says Minister Arie Slob (Media). He is pleased that the “parties involved are in the discussion”, but says that as a minister he cannot and does not want to get involved.

A conflict arose between De Vooravond presenter Fidan Ekiz and kup editor-in-chief Marcel Gelauff when Ekiz spoke about Gelauff’s talk show politics. The editor-in-chief would not allow kup journalists to attend the De Vooravond talk show “because of his unwanted opinions,” said Ekiz. Gelauff said he always wants to wait with new programs until he decides whether reporters and editors from the kup can sit there to talk about current affairs.

Slob would have preferred to see this discussed “in a peaceful manner,” he said on questions from VVD MP Zohair El Yassini. The minister hopes “that such situations do not happen often. Because it’s pretty annoying that a conflict is made public that way and degenerates into all kinds of reactions because it triggers a lot. Not only in your politics, but also in the country. “

In individual cases, however, he does not want to get actively involved. “You cannot ask a minister to decide which journalist can sit where. This is what actually happens when you start judging it. Then you also determine: Was it a good choice or not a good one? “