January 28, 2021


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Minister Petra De Sutter wants Bpost to have additional …

Minister Petra De Sutter wants Bpost to have additional ...

The Minister for Public Enterprises, Petra De Sutter (Groen), would like Bpost to reconsider the decision not to deliver some of the parcels at home in the coming weeks. She announced this after consulting the post office.

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Due to the record volume of parcels, Bpost can no longer deliver all parcels at home, the company announced on Friday. Some customers will have to pick up the parcels themselves at a collection point in the coming weeks. The decision led, among other things, to severe criticism from the Comeos trade association.

“I understand the worried reactions that are now affecting the special measures,” said De Sutter on Saturday. “I have consulted Bpost and asked them to review the measures by early next week based on these legitimate concerns.” A specific point in time for this could not be specified.

“Almost 600,000 packages per day”

The minister stressed the extraordinary circumstances at Bpost. “They normally deliver 270,000 packages, now it’s almost 600,000 packages. You have already hired another 2,000 employees. Bpost folks are working hard to get this bulky one. So the company is looking for solutions to keep doing this and we can be grateful to them for that. “

For the Comeos trade association, the promise to “review” the situation is not enough. “First, the government is demanding local purchases. If we do that en masse, it seems that Bpost, of which the government is the majority shareholder, cannot do the job, ”it sounds like. “There have been problems since the first lockdown. Prices will go up, but service won’t follow suit. ”