February 24, 2021


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Millions of mouth caps rejected due to poor quality

Millions of mouth caps rejected due to poor quality

Photo: ANP

One in ten mouth caps purchased by the National Consortium of Tools (LCH) was rejected. These mouth caps do not meet the quality requirements and are not distributed to care facilities. So far, the LCH has brought 47.2 million medical mouth caps to the Netherlands on behalf of the Ministry of Health. A VWS spokesman confirmed this.

In addition to the more than 5 million masks rejected, there are also 3.9 million mouth caps that do not fully meet the requirements. These are stored for the time being and are examined later to see if and how these mouth caps can be adapted to their use. Well, that’s not necessary because there are enough mouth caps in stock.

The medical mouth caps – FFP-2 and surgical mouth-nose masks type IIR – are checked three times. Before purchase, the certificates are checked and the items are displayed in Asia. In the Netherlands, an independent RIVM team examines the protective equipment in a test line.

The papers, safety and intended use of the caps will be reconsidered. It also tests whether the mouth mask is splash-proof and whether it fits well with the face. Employees also check whether the filters can pass particles. At this last point, most mouth caps are rejected, often the FFP-2 mouth masks.

The LCH reports on the cost of the rejected mouth masks on the supplier. If this fails, there is a risk for VWS. It is not clear what the amounts are.

The consortium was founded at the beginning of the Corona crisis, when there were major shortages of protective equipment and the global shortage made it difficult to buy them. According to VWS, about a quarter of the required protective equipment comes from the LCH. The settings themselves also have their own channels to get the tools.