October 23, 2020


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Millions of Damage to Bank Customers from Help Desk Fraud Financial

Millions of Damage to Bank Customers from Help Desk Fraud Financial

According to the TV program Kassa, ING customers in particular have become victims of this so-called spoofing technique. Of the major banks, only Rabobank is willing to compensate for the damage, while ING and ABN Amro customers bear the damage themselves.


According to the Dutch Payments Association, reports to banks of this helpdesk fraud have increased almost fivefold since April, from 60 reports in April to around 300 in July. Spoofing uses internet calls where the caller can dial the number that the recipient sees on their phone. The victims thought they were dealing with a real employee of his bank’s help desk.

Hundreds of people have been called on with the story that strange transactions were traced back to the victim’s account. The scammers suggested that savers temporarily transfer their savings to a “vault” account. The victims thought they were going to transfer their money to a secure account opened for them, in reality they were transferring all of their savings to a “cat catcher” account.


ING and ABN Amro say they will not compensate damage due to spoofing fraud as victims transferred the money themselves. According to a spokesman, Rabobank is compensating the damage because “it appears to the customer as if he really came from the bank and the bank’s identity is being used by the fraudster”.

According to NLdigital, the trade association for the digital sector, the telecommunications sector is working to combat the misuse of important phone numbers through spoofing: “We are in talks with the government, the police and the banks to find solutions together. In addition, we work with the government and other sectors to run national public campaigns to alert people to fraud via phone, WhatsApp, SMS or email. “