January 23, 2021


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Mega World bankrupt, 650 people lose their jobs

Mega World bankrupt, 650 people lose their jobs


On Tuesday, the Mechelen corporate court declared Mega World, the former Blokker, bankrupt. The provisional administrator Thierry Lammar confirms this to Belga. Around 650 people will lose their jobs. The interim administrators have been appointed as beneficiaries and will manage the company’s liquidation.

It’s no surprise the court filed for Mega World bankruptcy on Tuesday. The company has debts of more than 40 million euros and a request for a judicial restructuring plan was previously found unfounded by the Company Court and the Court of Appeal in Antwerp because the profit forecast proposed by the company was completely unrealistic. 123 shops are no longer opened, around 650 people lose their jobs.

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The court appointed the two interim administrators, Master Thierry Lammar and Kristin Van Hocht, as trustees. On Tuesday afternoon they will go to the Mega World headquarters in Lier where they will manage the liquidation.

“We’ll see what else we can sell from the warehouse, and all stores have to be emptied,” says Lammar. “In addition, we want to get everything in order as soon as possible so that employees can join the Company Closure Fund.”

According to Lammar, there are still ways to give some businesses a new future. “During our time as interim administrator, there was interest from 2 to 3 companies that are considering a partial restart. We are now entering these discussions and working on future prospects, but of course not everything is in our hands, ”he concludes.