December 4, 2020


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Mayors want a total ban on fireworks for Korona

Mayors want a total ban on fireworks for Korona

Photo: ANP

The 25 mayors, who together form the Security Council, jointly advocate a complete ban on fireworks at the turn of the year. They don’t want the fire and fireworks and arrows sales to continue this year. “Fireworks not only cause damage and exert enormous pressure on the emergency services, they are also causing great uncertainty and tension this year,” said Chairman Hubert Bruls on behalf of the mayor.

The House of Representatives is debating such a ban this week. The cabinet hopes this will save corona overloaded health care. “It will be an uncertain turn of the year. This measure helps to bring a little more calm. Also for hospitals and general practitioners, because they admit fewer patients, ”says Bruls, the mayor of Nijmegen.

He realizes that many people look forward to the moment when they can “pop”. “We have to keep the virus in check. This is the worst crisis since World War II. We should let go of all the things we really like. If fireworks is one of the things we have to give up, so be it. “

Many mayors have long wanted to forbid the farewell. You would prefer no fireworks to be sold at all this year. But that’s not up to them, explains Bruls. You cannot make this mandatory, the cabinet has to do it.

During the security meeting, at which ministers Hugo de Jonge and Ferd Grapperhaus also sat down, illegal parties were still on the agenda on Monday evening. “We have come to the conclusion that the fines due to the low fines do not deter the organizers of these types of parties and visitors. The seizure of equipment does not work either, as these items are often rented out. That is why we are looking at how we can meet the organizers in particular, ”warns the mayor of Nijmegen.

Mayors hope that The Hague will present new national rather than regional rules on Tuesday. “The support for a national package is by far the greatest. That is the clearest and best thing that can be explained to anyone.