October 28, 2020


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Maurice de Hond back on LinkedIn after blockade

Maurice de Hond back on LinkedIn after blockade

Photo: ANP

The suspension of Maurice de Hond’s account on the social medium LinkedIn has been lifted. The pollster announced this. His account was banned last week, he was informed by LinkedIn that he had violated the platform’s terms of service.

After a “constructive conversation” between De Hond and LinkedIn, the account is secured again. A statement from the Microsoft subsidiary states, among other things: “Maurice shared content that we checked and that violated our guidelines. Submissions that directly contradict the guidelines of leading global health and health organizations are not allowed. Authorities. “

The pollster posted links on LinkedIn and other social media to articles on his website criticizing the government’s corona policies. De Hond advocates paying more attention to ventilation to prevent the virus from spreading via aerosols, small droplets. In response to the statement, he says that from now on he will remain “just as sharp and clear” in his conclusions. “Sure to you, but hopefully within these guidelines.”