January 16, 2021


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Many other beneficiaries may receive the highest compensation

Many other beneficiaries may receive the highest compensation

Photo: ANP

The Cabinet will examine whether a much larger group of defrauded parents are entitled to the most extensive compensation system related to the benefit matter. State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (surcharges) says this at the urging of CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt. The tax and customs administration has often acted “for the wrong reasons” in the performance matter, he thinks. As a result, the cabinet may be legally required to give a lot more parents, a lot more money.

Now, depending on the situation, different groups of parents receive compensation, an allowance or some other special arrangement. According to Omtzigt, it is entirely possible that all parents will receive compensation, not just those parents who are victims of “institutional bias” by the tax authorities. Because even the use of a second nationality and the way the tax authorities interpreted the law may be “null and void”. This is evident from new information recently released, among other things.

“You have a game that didn’t go well, it was cheated by the tax authorities. By doing this you are declaring the entire match and result null and void. “In this way all parents suddenly fall into the highest category. This would also mean that not all files of the parents should be assessed individually. You will be compensated all at once. “From here you can accelerate straight to Tokyo,” says Omtzigt.

“I want to have it checked out,” says Van Huffelen. However, it is not yet known when more clarity will be given on this. This would also have enormous consequences for the compensation systems set up by the cabinet. If the compensation is actually paid to all groups, this also has consequences for the money allocated for it.

During the debate, the House of Representatives reiterated its anger at the slowness with which the parents were compensated. Of the many thousands of parents, only a small group will receive compensation or reimbursement in 2020. Van Huffelen believes that the processing of files will soon be faster. The crisis organization that focuses on this is learning more and more.