January 25, 2021


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“Madhouse in hotels outside the Randstad”

"Madhouse in hotels outside the Randstad"

Hotels on the coast and in rural areas do well during this fall break. According to an analysis by the price comparison website LookingforBooking.com, this is mainly thanks to holidaymakers from their own country. The hotels in Randstad are facing empty rooms.

“Since July we have noticed that Dutch people are vacationing in the Netherlands. This autumn break too,” says Rob Hermans, Director of Fletcher Hotels. “Belgians and Germans stay away. But the Dutch fill in their gaps.”

In fact, things are going so well that the hotel chain had a great summer after four tough months of Corona. “This summer was even better than last year,” says Hermans.

Randstad stays behind

The rooms of the Hampshire Hotels chain are almost all full during the autumn break. “It’s crazy. Especially since most of our hotels are in the provinces,” says Henrike Lobbes, owner of Hampshire Hotels. “But our hotel in Delft is enormously behind. That is just in the wrong triangle.”

Other hotels in Randstad are also facing cancellations and few new bookings. Demand there has fallen dramatically since the first lockdown. The hotels there are largely dependent on the business market. “In Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, our hotels are only 50 percent occupied,” says Fletcher director Hermans.

Dine for three evenings

Since last Wednesday, cafes and restaurants have been closed by order of the cabinet. However, there is an exception for hotels. Hotel guests can still dine there. “We notice that,” says Lobbes. “Guests who had previously booked dinner for one evening now call and ask if they can have dinner three more evenings.” But guests who only come for dinner and don’t sleep in their room are not seen in Hampshire hotels.

Other catering companies are reacting to this loophole in the Corona rules. The Rotterdam star restaurant Joelia registered as hotel guests in the Hilton Hotel above the restaurant for an additional ten. Following criticism from Minister Grapperhaus and in consultation with the Rotterdam municipality, the restaurant decided today to stop this “trick”.

Even with the previous closure of the catering trade, there were people who were looking for detours to be able to eat out. “During the initial lockdown, we noticed that there were guests who booked a room for dinner and if they were already at the table they canceled the room. We don’t see jokes like that anymore,” says Lobbes.