October 29, 2020


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Lufthansa: A380s are probably not coming back

Lufthansa: A380s are probably not coming back

The same fate affects ten Airbus A340-600s. Lufthansa has a total of seventeen aircraft of this type, the other seven have already been permanently removed from the fleet. The remaining Boeing 747-400s have also been nominated to disappear, but appear to have escaped. Overall, this means that Lufthansa will have to write off a further 1.1 billion euros on the fleet.

The fact that the German company is now selling even more aircraft is due to the fact that the recovery from the crisis is very disappointing. Air traffic has been falling since August. Due to increasing travel restrictions, tourists are delaying their vacations and business travelers prefer to stay at home. “The prospects for international air traffic have deteriorated considerably in the last few weeks,” said Lufthansa.

As a result, the Germans will also have to cut more jobs than the previously announced 22,000. How much exactly is not yet clear.