October 28, 2020


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Lowest number of bankruptcies in 21 years Financially

Lowest number of bankruptcies in 21 years Financially

The data from the statistical office clearly shows that the corona crisis has not yet caused a bankruptcy peak. This may be because many companies got through the time of crisis with financial support.

The number of bankruptcies fluctuates considerably; falls and rises in rapid succession. The number of registered bankruptcies reached a high of 816 in May 2013. Thereafter, the number of bankruptcies declined up to and including August 2017. As a result, the trend remained fairly flat. After April 2020, the number of bankruptcies fell for four consecutive months, reaching the lowest number since August 1999 in August 2020.

In August, 165 companies and institutions, excluding one-man companies, were declared bankrupt. Commerce had the highest number of bankruptcies of any industry, 39, which is the same number as in July. Statistics Netherlands notes that trade is one of the industries with the most companies. In relative terms, August was most bankrupt in the transportation and storage sectors.