January 28, 2021


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LIVE | “Pence must depose Trump” | Abroad

LIVE | "Pence must depose Trump" | Abroad
  • Capitol police are holding thirteen other suspects

Capitol police arrested 13 suspects on Wednesday for the attack. The owner of a suspicious vehicle parked in the Capitol was also arrested.

According to the Washington DC Police, an organization other than the Capitol Police Department, four people were killed in the attack and a total of 68 people were arrested.

The majority of those detained are suspected of having entered the complex illegally, says Police Chief Sund. Others are suspected of having attacked a police officer and illegally carrying firearms or ammunition.

According to the police chief, surveillance videos are being watched to target even more suspects. There is also a “thorough review” of the security plans and procedures in place by the Capitol Police after the attack. American politicians ask in American media why the security is not in better order and want an investigation into the actions of the police.

According to the Washington DC Police Commissioner, there was no advance information to suggest a storm on the Capitol could take place. However, numerous posts in Trump groups on social media such as Facebook show that the storm has been widely discussed.

  • Democratic leader Schumer wants Pence to indict Trump

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer wants Vice President Mike Pence and the rest of the cabinet to remove President Donald Trump from office. He says they should use the “25th Amendment” immediately.

“If this does not happen, the House of Representatives and the Senate must immediately join forces again to initiate impeachment proceedings,” Schumer writes. The House will not come together again until after the transfer of power on January 20th. The Senate will hold its next session on January 19th.

Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan also wants President Trump to step down or step down. Another cabinet member has resigned out of dissatisfaction with Trump’s actions over the attack. Transport Minister Elaine Chao has resigned. Chao is the wife of the Republican Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell.

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller calls the attack and subsequent violence “reprehensible and contrary to the principles of the US Constitution. Our republic may have been disrupted yesterday, but the resolve of the members of Congress was strong. “

The man in charge of the security of the United States House of Representatives leaves the field. Paul Irving himself is stepping down as security chief, said Democratic House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Previously, the chairman of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, had asked the security chief of the Senate to leave the country. Schumer informed the news site Politico that he would fire Michael Stenger himself if he did not leave for the next two weeks. The Democrats will also be responsible for the Senate from January 20th.

  • Buy Trump goods? Websites offline

Web shops selling goods related to US President Donald Trump have been taken offline by Shopify, which operates the websites. According to the Canadian company, Trump’s actions are unacceptable. On Wednesday, the president instigated his supporters to march towards the Capitol in Washington, which led to a storm on the parliament building.

Anyone who tries to visit the Trumpstore.com website will be notified that this webshop is no longer available. According to Shopify, all web shops associated with Trump are now closed. According to a spokeswoman, Trump violated the company’s customer rules by inciting violence.

  • Zuckerberg “platforms” Trump

Donald Trump will certainly not be able to use Facebook and Instagram for the next two weeks until Joe Biden is installed as the new President of the United States. Mark Zuckerberg announced this.

According to Zuckerberg, the past 24 hours have shown that Trump “will use his time to undermine a peaceful transition.” The president should have clearly condemned the Capitol strikers, says Facebook.

Zuckerberg accuses Trump of foiling the democratic process and supporting a violent uprising. Although the President once told the protesters to go home, the damage had been done by then. Until then, Trump had supported the mob.

Facebook had already deleted messages from the president. It is not yet clear when Trump will be reinstated on Facebook. Twitter has also taken action and deleted messages from Trump. The platform previously posted warnings about the content in many of the president’s tweets.

  • Security Secretary calls on Trump to condemn the attack on the Capitol

Acting Secretary of State for Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, has urged President Donald Trump to condemn Wednesday’s violence in and around the Capitol in the strongest possible terms. Trump supporters stormed the parliament building, invaded and destroyed it.

The president has not yet turned against his supporters. He kept repeating that his election victory was stolen from him, for which there is no evidence.

Chad Wolf criticizes President Trump.

Chad Wolf criticizes President Trump.

Trump promised a proper transfer of power on Thursday if Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20. According to Wolf, the president only did so in the hope that cabinet members would not resign. Several White House and Cabinet officials have already left.

Wolf himself stays with it because he wants to ensure a peaceful transfer of power and because of possible threats. He is considered loyal to Trump and was involved, for example, in the use of federal troops in the riots in Portland.

According to Russia, the storming of the US parliament by Trump supporters is proof that democracy in the US is in decline. The Moscow State Department notes that the US electoral system is “archaic” and does not meet democratic standards. A spokeswoman stressed that the storm was an “internal matter” for the US. She pointed out that the US media had become “an instrument of political struggle”.

American democracy “is clearly limping on both feet,” is the analysis of Konstantin Kosachov, chairman of the Russian Foreign Committee of the House of Lords. He argues that the lost Trump camp had many reasons to accuse the winner of the fraud. According to Kosachov, the US is no longer able to teach other countries about freedom and democracy, let alone force it on others. His colleague in the lower house of parliament, Leonid Slutsky, shares this view. Washington’s support for “revolutions” and uprisings in Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus has returned like a “boomerang” to the US. Chaos is seen as a sign of division and decline.

The reaction from Beijing is very different. The United States is committed to “peace and stability”. “We believe the American people want security and peace, especially amid the pandemic,” said a Chinese State Department spokesman. He expressed the hope that this will be the case “as soon as possible”. The spokesman referred to the massive demonstrations for democracy in Hong Kong in 2019, during which activists in the metropolis entered parliament.

  • The FBI is collecting information on US Capitol Stormers

The FBI is searching for information and footage from individuals who instigated or participated in rioting and violence in and around the Capitol on Wednesday. The police service has opened a website for this purpose. The FBI is also asking for general tips that can help track down the culprits.

One benefit for federal investigators is that many Congressional Headquarters strikers are not only against future President Joe Biden, but also against the corona measures. Thanks to their aversion to masks, many Trump supporters come into the picture with their faces. More than fifty people were arrested during the riot.

  • “Orderly handover”

US President Donald Trump promised an “orderly transfer of power” on January 20. According to CNN, he repeated in a statement that he disagreed with the election results.

The fact that Congress has named rival Joe Biden as the winner marks “the end of the greatest first term in the history of the presidency”.

Trump also stressed that this is just the “beginning of our struggle to make America great again”.

  • Joe Biden officially new President

The United States Congress officially recorded that Democrat Joe Biden won the election.

  • Completely unprepared for disruptions

Washington is grappling with the question of how the demonstrators were able to enter the Capitol so quickly and freely. The complex is usually secured by a special police department called the Capitol Police, which employs 2,000 people. At major events, numerous other federal security services and agencies interfere extensively with security, for example when a president is inaugurated.

It is not known why this was not the case now. However, the Capitol continued to be secured mainly by the complex’s agents.

According to those involved, they did not seek security assistance from anyone prior to the riot. For example, the complex’s police could have informed the Ministry of Homeland Security in advance of the risks and asked for action. The Capitol Police received assistance from other federal security agencies for more than an hour.

  • Several White House employees are leaving the company

Several White House employees have resigned after the storm on the Washington House of Parliament. Insiders say Donald Trump’s deputy national security adviser has left. In addition to First Lady Melania’s chief of staff, the White House event planner resigned.

Four supporters of supporters of President Trump in Washington were killed in the storm on the US parliament building on Wednesday, according to the report of the city police. The police arrested 52 people.

  • Twitter and Facebook block Trump

Twitter wants US President Donald Trump to delete three tweets from Wednesday. As a punishment, he is not allowed to tweet for 12 hours after removal. As long as the tweets are still available, his account will also remain blocked. If Trump continues with such tweets, he could be permanently banned, Twitter said. Facebook has also taken action against the president.

  • Congress resumes approval of the results

Congress later resumed approval of the election results. This is usually a formality, but it will take longer this year as some Republicans object. Some of Trump’s party members who were planning to do so decided to resign after the storm on the parliament building.

“When I got to Washington this morning, I was determined to object to the election being approved,” said Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who saw an attempt to be re-elected this week. “But events have forced me to reconsider. I can no longer contradict with a clear conscience.

  • Trump faces a storm of criticism

After the storm, the president received a storm of criticism, including from prominent party members. “There is no doubt that the president formed and instigated the mob. He addressed the crowd. He lit the fuse, ”said politician Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

  • Protesters enter the Senate Hall

Pictures show protesters posing next to statues and in the Senate Hall. It took the police hours to restore the peace. President Trump has made himself heard again. First in Twitter messages calling for peaceful action, later in a video. Although he urged supporters to go home, he also reiterated his claim that the elections had been fraudulent.

  • Rioters in Pelosi’s office
One of the rioters left a message on Nancy Pelosi's desk.

One of the rioters left a message on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

Politicians eventually gathered in another building in the Capitol complex. There they were guarded by heavily armed FBI units. The rioters have meanwhile made themselves comfortable in the parliament building, where they broke into the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives.

Trump supporter Richard Barnett makes himself comfortable in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump supporter Richard Barnett makes himself comfortable in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Senators were given an armed police escort and evacuated through the Capitol tunnels. The staff also took votes from voters, who would be officially counted by Congress. “Otherwise they would have been burned by the crowd,” concluded Democrat Jeff Merkley.

  • Trump supporters storm buildings

Protesters broke barricades and stormed into the building. A striking photo shows security forces with guns drawn at a barricaded door. While the screams of the mob could be heard inside, according to a reconstruction by the New York Times, police evacuated Vice President Mike Pence, who was serving as Senate chairman.

Police are cleaning up the mess Trump protesters left after they stormed the Washington Capitol

Police are cleaning up the mess Trump protesters left after they stormed the Washington Capitol

  • Trump urges supporters to come to the Capitol

Trump did not accept his election defeat and approached thousands of supporters near the White House in the run-up to the storm. He then called her to advance to the Capitol. There the situation escalated completely. The police could not stop the angry demonstrators.