January 16, 2021


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LIVE | All of England closed until mid-February | inland

LIVE | All of England closed until mid-February | inland

The day a new, simpler vaccine was launched, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new curfew. The schools will be closed at least until mid-February. Such measures have already been chosen in Scotland and Wales.

Fast spread

The new curfew is similar to the drastic ban announced at the end of March last year. According to Johnson, it’s the result of the rapid spread of a new variant of the coronavirus. British hospitals are 40% fuller than they were at the end of the crisis last spring.

The new curfew is necessary to relieve the national health care system NHS. Numerous doctors and nurses have tried in the last few days to make it clear how bad the situation is in hospitals. Despite the measures taken since Christmas, the number of patients continues to rise.

The pressure on Johnson to take stricter measures was great. He says he can understand the frustration of many parents who sent their children back to school for the first time that Monday morning. On Sunday morning, Johnson had urged these parents to send their children mainly to school whenever possible.


Measures come the day a simpler vaccine against the coronavirus developed in England was used. According to Johnson, that means the UK’s most at risk will be vaccinated against the virus by mid-February. This includes people over the age of 70, people in ill health, all nursing home workers and people working in the UK healthcare system.

The curfew can be eased from this moment, Johnson tried to give his compatriots a message of hope. However, there is a chance that it will be at least a month later. After all, the vaccine only really works after more than three weeks.


This is the third so-called lockdown since the virus took over the world. The big difference to the lockdown in November is that schools are now also being closed. The only reason the British are allowed to leave their homes is because of necessary errands, necessary work outside the home, some relaxation and physical abuse. The fact that the latter category has been mentioned separately is a sign that tensions are mounting in many households due to the continued tightening of policies.

The number of corona infections had been more than fifty thousand new cases for a week. 58,784 new infections were reported on Monday. More than four hundred British people died as a result of the disease. The total number of deaths has risen to over 75,000.


In Scotland, citizens will no longer be allowed to leave their homes as of Tuesday 5th January unless clearly necessary or for short-term outdoor exercise. The measure applies for the rest of this month. The schools remain closed.

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Germans also detained for longer

The lockdown in Germany will be extended until January 31st. The state government and the federal states have agreed on this, reports the newspaper Bild from unknown sources.

A formal decision to extend the lockdown can be made on Tuesday. Chancellor Angela Merkel then consults with heads of state. The lockdown measures should already be extended, but it was still unclear exactly how long they should last. There would have been some disagreement about this beforehand.

Germany decided on a stricter lockdown in the run-up to the holidays last month. Non-essential businesses and schools have had to close their doors to prevent the corona virus from spreading. In any event, these measures should remain in place until January 10th and therefore now appear to be extended.

Austria closed for at least one week longer

The current lockdown in Austria will be extended by one week. This means that the catering and the non-essential shops will be closed at least until January 24th, reported the Austrian Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober.

The foreign traveler restrictions will remain in effect during this period. Anyone who enters Austria from a risk area – and that is almost all countries – has to be quarantined for ten days.

The lockdown in Austria during the winter sports season is a major loss for the country. The measures should expire on January 18th. The cabinet had also developed a plan to facilitate lockdown for people who tested negative. For example, they were allowed to go shopping. A law that made this possible was not supported by the opposition on Sunday, after which Anschober announced that he would not do it.

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