January 21, 2021


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Limited air corridor pilot on the Atlanta-Amsterdam route

Limited air corridor pilot on the Atlanta-Amsterdam route

During the pilot project and afterwards it will be examined whether this possibility of allowing people who have to make a necessary trip from a high risk area to the EU leads to better compliance with the quarantine rules. This does not make the travel advice and the EU entry ban more flexible.

The pilot’s participants must be tested for COVID-19 prior to departure and must be quarantined from that moment. You may only go on board with a negative test result.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, passengers will undergo a new test five days after the first test. This can be done immediately in a commercial test facility upon arrival in Schiphol or in a commercial test facility in another Netherlands. In this case, the quarantine rules apply up to this point.

If the second test is also negative, the quarantine ends immediately after this result, provided that the period of five days has expired. In this way, the quarantine time can be halved from ten days to five days, and also part or almost all of the quarantine time can be planned before the required trip rather than after arrival.

This is currently a very limited trial version: four of the 21 weekly flights between Atlanta and Schiphol are reported. two from KLM and two from Delta. Participation is voluntary and the study will be assessed after three weeks.

The decision to run the test on flights from Atlanta is obvious: the state capital Georgia is home to Delta Air Lines and was the world’s largest aviation hub off the Corona.