January 18, 2021


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Liège space specialist bankrupt: fifty jobs in …

Liège space specialist bankrupt: fifty jobs in ...

Parts of this Airbus A380 were manufactured by Britte

Photo: RR

The company court this week filed for bankruptcy of the Britte company from Herstal in the province of Liège. Around fifty employees worked for the manufacturer of components for the aerospace and defense industries.

The unions are not satisfied with the state of affairs. “Outrageous, but not surprising for this employer,” says Antoine Fanara from the socialist union FGTB Métal. He complains about a lack of social dialogue.

“The employees knew that the situation was difficult, but nobody expected bankruptcy,” says René Petit from the Christian association ACV-CSC METEA. “The employee representatives were not given any information in this direction. At the end of the afternoon, the trustee came to the factory to tell the staff that they could hand in their ID and keys and go home. “

It’s not the first time the factory has gone bankrupt. In 2010 she was rescued by the Scandinavian group Mustad.