January 28, 2021


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Last summer a quarter of vacation in my own country

Last summer a quarter of vacation in my own country

Photo: ANP

Last summer, the Dutch vacationed in their own country more than a quarter more than a year earlier. They may have spent less per vacation, but because they chose a Dutch vacation destination much more often, they spent the same amount here as in summer 2019. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

This is a godsend for the Dutch tourism sector, which is struggling this year due to the corona virus outbreak. Many foreign guests stayed away.

Conversely, the Dutch went abroad much less. In this regard, there was some recovery between spring and summer. However, the number of vacations abroad in July, August and September was still 60 percent lower than in the same period of the previous year.

Those who went on vacation in their own country spent an average of 189 euros per person in the third quarter, compared to 239 euros in the previous year. Housing spending increased, but people were spending less on transportation, meals, and other costs such as groceries and travel.

The holiday budget abroad fell even further: from 888 euros in 2019 to 526 euros in 2020. The Dutch took fewer long-distance trips and therefore spent less on transport. They mostly stayed in Europe, went more to Germany and often skipped Spain. They also practically stopped spending on catering, which in many countries was subject to restrictive measures due to the corona virus.