January 23, 2021


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Large retail chains reopen despite being blocked

Large retail chains reopen despite being blocked

The 400 branches of the action chain will reopen today. Stores were closed yesterday due to the lockdown, but the chain is now seeing opportunities to open with limited reach. “We have coordinated it with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and our industry association,” said a spokesman.

Around 40 percent of the range consists of important items such as detergents and cleaning agents, shampoo, hand gel, toilet paper, pet food as well as food and beverages. All non-essential products are covered and cannot be scanned at checkout.

“In all branches we adhere strictly to the measures for safe shopping, to maintain a distance and a maximum number of customers per branch,” said the spokesman. “There’s also a clerk at the entrance and the trolleys and baskets are cleaned.”

According to the FNV union, Wibra is still considering reopening the branches with a lower range. Store workers say they are still waiting for information from headquarters. The report that stores are closed has disappeared from the company’s website.

HEMA opened all branches yesterday. Only essential products are sold there. The rest is covered.