January 16, 2021


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KLM celebrates its 101st birthday with a house from Den Bosch

KLM celebrates its 101st birthday with a house from Den Bosch

Due to the corona crisis, KLM is celebrating its birthday much less exuberantly than usual: there is no party. In order not to lose a tradition, CEO Pieter Elbers traveled to Den Bosch. There he presented the new house and handed it over to Mayor Jack Mikkers.

The main reason for choosing Die Mariaen (popularly known as De Moriaan) this time around is that it was a trading house. This makes it a good fit for KLM, which also plays an important role in retail. It is one of the oldest brick houses in the Netherlands.

“In times of crisis in particular, it is important to stick to good KLM traditions. For our loyal customers, the houses symbolize their relationship with KLM and we want to cherish and preserve them. We didn’t doubt whether house 101 should be built, ”says Elbers.

“The choice of ‘Die Mariaen’ symbolizes the importance of entrepreneurship for the Netherlands, especially in times of economic headwinds. KLM’s job is to ensure that people can meet thanks to our extensive network. We will continue to play this role. “

KLM had even more positive news today: a new route is coming to Zanzibar.