October 26, 2020


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KLM applied for more than 300 million euros in state wage aid | Right away

KLM applied for more than 300 million euros in state wage aid | Right away

In the first version of the NOW programme, the government provided more than €300 million in wage support for klm. This is from a list of UWV Companies that turned to the scheme. The rest of aviation, as well as football clubs and public transport companies, have received tens of millions of pounds of tension.

With the list, which is 2,048 pages long, the Cabinet wants to be transparent to the taxpayer because the temporary emergency measure is paid for via the Temporary Employment (NOW) of public funds. It is still a step forward in the regulation. The performance authority emphasizes that this is a snapshot, it is possible that employers still want to withdraw the NOW application. A total of 148,000 companies applied for the scheme.

In addition to the hundreds of million-dollar support for KLM, the KLM subsidiary Transavia has received 24.2 million euros. TUI and Corendon received 18 and 1.9 million respectively. The Dutch arm of Britain’s easyJet received 2.8 million euros. Schiphol Airport and the Netherlands Air Traffic Control applied for almost €30 million and €12.4 million respectively in aid. In addition to the air carriers, local airlines also received substantial subsidies. However, they have to repay this money, as they have now reached a separate agreement and are no longer covered by THE NOW.

According to KLM, Booking.com stands out as a company with a high required amount. The booking platform demanded 65 million euros. Other main users of the wage subsidy are the department store chains HEMA (11.4 million) and De Bijenkorf (9.4 million euros), the steel group Tata Steel (about 32 million), the car manufacturer Tesla (about 7 million euros) and the clothing giant H&M (11.5 million euros).

Football clubs, which have not been allowed to be on the pitch since March, were eager to use the wage support. For example, ajax, listed, received around 4 million euros in salary support. Rotterdam’s arch-rival Feyenoord received 1.3 million, PSV and AZ 2.8 million and 2.3 million in funding. The KNVB asked for around 2 million funding.

Correction: An earlier version of this post mentioned several public transport companies that receive millions from the government, which was only partially correct. They have now reached an agreement, which means that they are no longer covered by the NOW system. You must therefore repay the grant money. The message has been changed.