January 25, 2021


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“Kabinett has a blind spot for the hotel industry”

"Kabinett has a blind spot for the hotel industry"

Photo: ANP

The industry association Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is disappointed in the cabinet about the possible new corona measures that the cabinet will announce on Tuesday evening. Sources confirm that the closure of the restaurant is discussed again. It also seems certain that opening times will be significantly limited.

Robèr Willemsen, chairman of KHN, says that “every measure for the catering industry is actually a block”. “That will not do. Disappointing because the problem isn’t in the hospitality industry. The cabinet has a blind spot for gastronomy. “

Willemsen does not want to speculate about the unconfirmed measures, but says that “what comes out the night before a press conference is usually correct”.

Last weekend, KHN and the trade association MKB-Nederland submitted a plan to Economic Affairs. This suggests alternative, intelligent measures, e.g. B. the evaluation of a catering company in terms of its function and activity, e.g. B. Eating and drinking, meeting or sleeping. The professional associations also want a corona measuring instrument with which entrepreneurs can enter specifications of their company. Think about the number of square meters, the region and the arrangement of the ventilation, but also about the use of a mouth mask and cough shields.

“Minister Wiebes was enthusiastic, as was State Secretary Mona Keijzer,” says Willemsen. “Unfortunately we have to hear measures from the press again.”