August 4, 2021


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Judge decides on the ban on fireworks in Rotterdam

Photo: ANP

On Monday the judge will rule on the Rotterdam ban on setting off fireworks during the New Year. A group of fireworks sellers went to court in Maasstad to get the community banned. They think a total ban is going too far. According to the municipality, a ban is the only way to make the turn of the year smooth.

The fireworks companies complain, among other things, about the business consequences of a ban. “It’s a bankruptcy spurt,” argued her lawyer during the interim proceedings. According to the entrepreneurs, the problem has largely been solved by the national measures which have banned many dangerous and annoying fireworks. By concentrating on problem areas in the city and combating excesses there, Rotterdam could also start the New Year on a festive basis, they think.

The Rotterdam community says they are fed up with being unsafe in the city at the turn of the year. Fireworks play a central role here. According to the municipality, a large majority of Rotterdamers are in favor of a ban on relegation.

In the meantime, the 25 mayors of the Security Council have spoken out in favor of a temporary fireworks ban for the turn of the year. This year, the ban is intended to relieve the health and rescue services, which are already under great pressure due to the corona crisis. The cabinet will clarify this later this month.