January 16, 2021


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Jos B. hears a sentence in the case of Nicky Verstappen

Jos B. hears a sentence in the case of Nicky Verstappen

Photo: ANP

The public prosecutor’s office will formulate the verdict against Jos B on Thursday. The 57-year-old from Limburg is suspected of killing, abusing and kidnapping 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998. B. has always denied that he had anything to do with the boy’s death. and held his jaws together.

After years of silence on the case, B. made a video statement at the beginning of the criminal proceedings. He admitted that he found Nicky on Brunssummerheide and touched his clothes, but the boy would have died by then. Out of fear, B. – who has a moral history – did not dare to report anything to the police.

It will be difficult for the prosecutor to settle the matter. B. is not suspected of murder, but of qualified manslaughter. The penalties for both offenses can be the same, but there is one important legal difference. Murder is a preconceived plan, qualified manslaughter kills someone to cover up another crime. This case then concerns sexual abuse.

However, there isn’t much evidence of this. Just this week, an expert told the court that he had seen little evidence of abuse. Although B’s DNA is in many places on Nicky’s clothes, including his underpants, that doesn’t mean he abused him. According to attorney Gerald Roethof, B. has nothing to do with the disappearance or possible sexual abuse and death of Nicky. He would have found Nicky on his own.

The prosecution announced that he would need all day for the prop. It’s B’s lawyer next week. It is not yet clear when the court will decide.

The Limburg boy disappeared in 1998 during a summer camp on the heath. His body was found a little further a day later. The case seemed to remain unsolved for a long time until B. came into the picture two years ago after a large-scale DNA relationship study. De Limburger hadn’t helped. But because his family reported him missing and sent items with his DNA to the police, a 100 percent DNA match was conducted. After a manhunt, he was arrested in Spain shortly after the game was released.