October 20, 2020


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‘Johnson warns Merkel against hard Brexit’

'Johnson warns Merkel against hard Brexit'

Photo: ANP

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday that Britain will not strike a trade deal with the European Union unless Brussels is willing to compromise. This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency on Wednesday. Johnson told Merkel that Britain was ready for a hard Brexit.

Informal talks between British and EU negotiators took place on Tuesday. The British left the EU earlier this year, but are bound by EU rules until the end of this year. Negotiations on a trade agreement have been difficult, partly because of disagreements over fishing rights and the influence of European courts on British law.

Johnson’s office later said that the BRITISH government was committed to a trade deal, but at the same time was ready for a hard Brexit, i.e. without a trade deal.

Merkel warned last Wednesday, the day Germany took over the rotating EU presidency, that the EU must prepare for a failure of negotiations with the British.