May 17, 2021


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Jeff Bezos is selling $ 3 billion worth of Amazon stock NOW in a week

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $ 3 billion, the equivalent of $ 2.5 billion, in his company this week. He cleverly used the share price, which has already risen by 75 percent this year. Overall, the assets come from Bezos, according to the business magazine Forbes amounts to around 190 billion dollars, converted to a little more than 160 billion euros.

The billionaire didn’t explain why he wanted to sell so many stocks. writes the American news channel CNN. It’s not the first time he’s sold some of his shares. He does this regularly so that he can then invest the money in his space company Blue Origin, for example.

Bezos also sold some of his Amazon shares in August and February. In total, the sale of shares has already brought him around 10 billion US dollars or around 8.5 billion euros this year.

Bezos is according to financial news agency Bloomberg richest person in the world and $ 76 billion richer since the beginning of this year. Second on the list is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, followed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.