December 3, 2020


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Jan Dulles ‘Neptunus’ wins the second series of The Masked Singer

Jan Dulles 'Neptunus' wins the second series of The Masked Singer

Photo: ANP

Jan Dulles won the second season of The Masked Singer. The singer, who appeared in a Neptune suit on RTL 4 programs in recent weeks, received the most votes from the audience in the room.

In the final, the masks of the other remaining candidates also came off. The presenter Nicolette van Dam has disguised herself as a panther in the last few weeks, the cabaret artist Najib Amhali hid behind the figure of the zebra and finally the music actress Noortje Herlaar showed herself as a fox. In earlier episodes, Willeke Alberti, Mariska Bauer, Diederik Jekel, Ernst Daniël Smid, Famke Louise and Samantha Steenwijk were eliminated.

In the program, two panels have to guess who is on stage in a bizarre suit. Gerard Joling and Buddy Vedder could guess most of the celebrities and became the winners. They beat the other panel, consisting of Carlo Boszhard and Loretta Schrijver.

The second season of The Masked Singer, based on a South Korean format, was also a hit with the audience. In the past few weeks, almost 3 million people have seen the show presented by Ruben Nicolai.